Anointing of the Sick

Anointing of the Sick: the Sacrament which gives spiritual healing and strength to a person seriously ill and sometimes also physical recovery (CCC, 1499-1513)

1. Understanding the Sacrament

a. Scriptural basis (James 5:14-15) (CCC, 1510)

b. Historical development (CCC, 1512)

c. Theology

1) Illness (CCC, 1500-1502)

2) Christ the Physician (CCC, 1503)

3) Faith and healing (CCC, 1504)

4) Christ’s suffering (CCC, 1505)

5) Disciples carry cross (CCC, 1506)

6) Holy Spirit’s gift of healing (CCC, 1509)

7) Christ institutes Sacrament of the sick (CCC, 1500-1513)

2. Celebration

3. Essential elements (CCC, 1517-1519)

a. Laying on of hands; anointing forehead and hands with Oil of the Sick

b. Spoken words of the formula

4. Effects (CCC, 1520-1523)

a. Union of the sick person to Christ in his passion

b. Strength, peace, and courage to endure the sufferings of illness or old age

c. The forgiveness of sins

d. The restoration of health if God wills it

e. Preparation for passing over to eternal life

5. Requirements for reception (CCC, 1514-1515)

6. Minister: priest or bishop (CCC, 1516)

7. Implications (CCC, 1532)

8. Appropriating and living this Sacrament (CCC, 1522-1523)