Baptism: the Sacrament which is the birth of the Baptized into new life in Christ. In Baptism, Original Sin is forgiven along with all personal sins. By it we become adoptive children of the Father, members of Christ and temples of the Holy Spirit, incorporates us into the Church, and sharers in the priesthood of Christ . . . (CCC, 1279-1280)

1. Understanding the Sacrament

a. Scriptural basis

b. Historical development (CCC, 1229-1233)

c. Theology (CCC, 1217-1228)

2. Celebration (CCC, 1229-1245)

3. Essential elements (CCC, 1239-1240)

4. Other elements: (CCC, 1237-1245)

5. Effects of the Sacrament (CCC, 1262-1270)

6. Requirements for reception

7. Minister of the Sacrament (CCC, 1256)

8. Necessity of Baptism: (CCC, 1257-1261)

9. Implications

10. Appropriating and living this Sacrament (CCC, 1694)