Confirmation: the Sacrament in which the gift of the Holy Spirit received at Baptism is confirmed, strengthened and perfected for living the Christian life and spreading the faith to others; in this Sacrament we receive a permanent sign or character so it cannot be repeated.

1. Understanding the Sacrament

a. Scriptural basis

1) The Book of Isaiah foretold that the Spirit of the Lord shall rest on the hoped-for Messiah (Isa. 11:2) (CCC, 1286)

2) the Holy Spirit descend on the Church (Acts 8:14-17) (CCC, 1287-1288)

b. Historical development (CCC, 1290-1292)

c. Theology

1) Western Church (CCC, 1286-1288)

2) Eastern Churches (CCC, 1289)

2. Celebration

a. Rite of Confirmation (CCC, 1298-1300)

b. RCIA (CCC, 1232-1233; 1298)

c. Eastern Catholic Churches confirm (chrismate) at the time of Baptism, and in some cases administer Eucharist then as well (CCC, 1290-1292).

3. Essential elements of the Sacrament (CCC, 1300)

a. Laying on of hands and anointing with Chrism

b. Saying the words of the formula

4. Requirements for reception

a. Baptized and Age (CCC, 1306-1308)

b. Preparation, Confession, Sponsor: (CCC, 1309-1310)

5. Minister: (CCC, 1312-1314)

6. Effects and Implications (CCC, 1303)

a. Perfection of Baptismal grace (CCC, 1285)

b. Help of Holy Spirit’s gifts and fruits (CCC, 1830-1832)

c. Indelible character; this Sacrament cannot be repeated (CCC, 1303-1305)

d. Call to spread and defend faith (CCC, 1303)

e. Discernment of God’s call (CCC, 1303)

f. Stewardship (CCC, 1303)

7. Appropriating and living this Sacrament: Life in the Holy Spirit (CCC, 1694)

a. How to know the Holy Spirit’s promptings and actions in your life. With the help of the Holy Spirit: (CCC, 1694)

1) Learn Sacred Scripture (CCC, 50-51, 94-95, 1066)

2) Live the Sacraments (CCC, 1071-1072, 1091-1092)

3) Love the Catholic Church-the Church that Christ began.

b. Prayer is the foundation for knowing and following the will and actions of the Holy Spirit. (CCC, 1309, 1073, 2670-2672)