Holy Orders

Holy Orders: the Sacrament through which a man is made a bishop, priest or deacon, and is given the grace and power to fulfill the responsibilities of the order to which he is ordained.

1. Understanding the Sacrament

a. Scriptural basis (Mt 16:18 ff; Mt 28:19-20; Lk. 6:12-16; Mk. 3:14-19) (CCC, 1577).

1) Jesus consecrates his followers at the Last Supper (Jn. 17)

2) To remember him, Jesus commanded his followers, “Do this in memory of me.” His Apostles continued to celebrate the Eucharist as ordained ministers.

b. Historical development-Instituted by Christ (CCC, 874)

c. Theology (CCC, 1539-1553)

2. Celebration of Ordination

3. Essential elements (CCC, 1572-1574)

a. Imposition of hands

b. Spoken prayer of consecration

4. Effects

a. Indelible character; this Sacrament cannot be repeated. (CCC, 1581-1584)

b. Grace of the Holy Spirit (CCC, 1585-1589)

5. Requirements for reception

6. Minister of the Sacrament: bishop (CCC, 1575-1576)

7. Implications

8. Appropriating and living this Sacrament

a. prayer for more vocations to the priesthood (CCC, 1548)

b. praying for bishops, priests and deacons (CCC, 1547)

c. offering help and support to bishops, priests and deacons (CCC, 1547)